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Research & Development

Ejector Innovation through Research & Development

In 2010 Transvac opened its truly unique, award winning, Research & Development, Ejector test facility and also increased its in-house process, research and CFD resources with the goal of becoming the global leader for innovative, custom-designed Ejector technology.


The large-scale R&D facility has allowed Transvac’s Research & Development Team to develop and test innovative new Ejector designs, supported and guided by the results of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling.


‘Real world’ test data gathered from both full-scale and scaled physical testing is fed back into our CFD models, creating a ‘virtuous circle’ of product development, that has led to accelerated Ejector efficiency gains. The R&D facility is also located adjacent to Transvac’s manufacturing workshops which enables new ideas to be realised, tested and validated quickly.

The various R&D programmes have considerably advanced Transvac’s knowledge and IP, plus a number of key Patents and awards.


The long-term development programmes have also increased the operating efficiency of our liquid motivated Ejectors for gas compression applications by over 50% in some cases, thereby opening up many new opportunities for Transvac Ejector technology.


Transvac’s R&D Team also works on collaborative projects with Universities, such as on CCUS, as well as directly with customers on mining, subsea, nuclear and on many other applications where innovative Ejector designs are needed.

Our Ejector Test Facility

Transvac’s unique Ejector Test facility is central to our approach to Research & Development.

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Ejector Testing

Ejector Performance Testing

Learn how we test Ejectors and prove performance.

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CFD Ejector Modelling

Our CFD capabilities are a key part of our product development and testing strategy.

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Fundamental Research & Development Projects with Universities

Transvac has established strong partnerships with a number of Universities in the U.K. Most recently, this includes the University of Southampton and University of Nottingham. These partnerships are important because it allows Transvac to benefit from fundamental research, whilst providing industrial experience to some of the brightest aspiring Engineers.


Transvac also supports University students through a long-established Internship Programme, and offers regular department visits to tour Transvac’s facilities.


Transvac Wins Research & Development Award from InnovateUK

InnovateUK Award


Adipec Award

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