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Ejector Test Facility

Developing and proving Ejector performance at our unique Ejector Test Facility

Transvac officially opened its unique, state-of-the-art, Ejector Test Facility in April 2010 for providing Ejector Performance Testing and FATs as well as for producing novel Ejector Designs through R&D programmes.


Transvac are continually investing in the facility, allowing great progress to be made in developing efficient and reliable Ejector solutions.


Primarily, new oil & gas Ejector technology is tested in the facility for subsea processingflare gas recovery, CCUS, sand slurry & produced water handling and for production boosting of low pressure wells. However, novel Ejector designs are also developed and tested for the nuclear, bio-fuel, chemical and water treatment industries.

The large size of the test equipment in the facility enables many Ejector designs to be tested at full scale. This includes FAT and technology demonstrations, which can be witnessed by customers.


The Ejector Test Facility includes high and low pressure equipment for handling water, gas, multi-phase and slurry. Physical testing programmes are supported by in-house CFD studies as well as fundamental University research.

Transvac's Ejector Test Facility

Our Capabilities & Facilities

9 Flow Loops

9 VSD Water Pumps

Pump pressure up to 300 bar(g) / 4351 psi(g)

Liquid flows up to 700 m³/h

Sand slurry flows up to 60 m³/h `{`up to 60% SVF`}`

Nitrogen available at 100 bar(g) / 1450 psi(g) @ 200 kg/h

Air available at 12.5 bar(g) / 181psi(g) @ 400 Nm³/h

2 x 9m³ Clean water tanks

1 x 35 m³ slurry / water tank

7 x Coriolis Meters (liquid / gas)

High Pressure inline phase separator - 150 bar(g) / 2175 psi(g) and 100 m³/h

1 x 16m³ 27.5 bar(g) / 398psi(g) pressure vessel for closed loop multi-phase testing

Fully automatic control and data acquisition system using ASi field bus system (LabView)

Flow Assurance : Flow Accuracy 0.1 - <1.0 % FS / Pressure Accuracy 0.1% or better

Dedicated Facility Technicians and Rig Operators

Micro-bubble Development Rig

Transvac R&D is developing Ejector technology aimed at producing micro bubbles dispersed in liquid for the primary purpose of removing oil from water by floatation.


With its new micro bubble measurement rig, Transvac has the capabilities for classifying and optimising the current Ejector technology according to the exact bubble sizes produced, dependent on process conditions.


A new product is also in development, with high shear, low energy technology to achieve uniform bubble dimensions with an increased control of bubble size. This specific Ejector technology is known as ‘IGI’ – Inline Gas Injection.

Micro-bubble Rig at Transvac's Ejector Test Facility