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Chemical Dosing
Our systems can dose liquid, solid and gaseous chemicals in a process applications. Suitable for Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Production,
Chemical, Dosing, Ejectors
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Chemical Dosing

Ejectors for Chemical Dosing

Our Ejectors are used globally in a multitude of chemical dosing applications. Ejectors operate without any moving parts, so are ideal to dose chemicals both safely and efficiently. Where other mechanical dosing pumps may wear and fail, Ejectors offer seamless, reliable performance day in, day out. Depending on your specific application we can manufacture systems to dose liquids, solids and gasses. We also design combination systems for combined dosing and heating.


Ejectors can be designed as part of skid packages or installed directly into existing pipework. Chemical dosing ejectors are often supplied alongside our Tank Mixing systems.

Typical Applications

  • Water treatment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical production & refinement
  • Nuclear power generation

Advantages of Ejectors for Chemical Dosing

No moving parts

Minimal and non-specialist maintenance

Compact, low weight design

Can be made from corrosion resistant materials

Hygienic designs available

Dosing Agents

Our Ejectors are extremely flexible and can dose almost any chemical that can be entrained in a liquid flow. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Lime
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Sodium hydrochloride
  • Caustic acid

Liquid Dosing

Our liquid chemical dosing systems operate using our Liquid Jet Pump technology. These Ejectors entrain liquid chemicals by using a high-pressure liquid motive. It is often the case that a liquid motive is already available on-site from a pre-existing process. After entraining the desired chemical, the liquid motive and chemical are mixed thoroughly and discharged from the Ejector at pressure. If there is a requirement to dose multiple chemicals simultaneously, we can provide two ports for chemical inputs.


Solids Dosing

To dose solids, we use our Liquid Jet Solids Pumps. These units can be manufactured as either portable or stationary designs. Skid mounting is also available. In most common applications, a powdered version of the dosing chemical is fed into the pump via hopper, screw feeder, silo or bulk bag. We also manufacture hygienic models, with protective hoods. These help to prevent the transfer of hazardous chemicals during hopper top up or maintenance. This technology is also used as the basis to our proprietary PAC Dosing system, TransPAC.


We use our Gas Ejector (also known as Gas Eductor) technology to develop chemical sampling systems. Gas Ejectors are used extensively as reliable, repeatable methods for extracting process chemicals for sampling. Our systems have two main variations, direct and Indirect transfer systems. Learn more about our Gas Ejector Sampling systems.


Heating & CIP Cleaning

Chemicals are often dosed as part of CIP (closed in pipe) cleaning operations. During this process there is a requirement to raise the temperature of the dosed mixture. We provide combination systems that incorporate both Liquid Jet Pumps and our Instantaneous Jet Heaters. Learn more about this process on our Instantaneous Jet Heaters page.


Corrosion Resistance

Ejectors are particularly suited to chemical dosing applications due to the range of fabrication materials available. Depending on your specific requirements, we can manufacture from PTFE, polypropylene, stainless steel, hastelloy and titanium. PTFE units can be supplied with carbon steel support shells where necessary. We can also fabricate from other materials if requested.