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Start-up Ejectors

Start-Up Steam Ejectors

Transvac Start-Up Steam Ejectors; also known as Steam Jet Ejectors, Steam Eductors or simply Start-Up Ejectors, are often used on Sulphur Recovery Units for intermittently recirculating process gas from Hydrogenation Reactors to Desuperheater / Contact Condensers during start-up.



Materials of Construction

Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel are most commonly used for Start Up Steam Ejector applications. However, Transvac has extensive experience in providing Ejectors manufactured from exotic materials, should this be required.

Transvac Start-up Ejector

Advantages of Transvac Start-Up Ejectors

Excellent reliability

Ideal for handling large contaminated suction loads

No moving parts

Simplicity – similar to pipework installations

Minimal and non-specialist maintenance

Custom-designed to each application

No ATEX considerations

Low cost solution

Noise Mitigation

Transvac will advise how much noise is generated by Start Up Steam Ejectors and if the noise level exceeds allowable site requirements.


If noise levels exceed allowable limits, typically 80 – 85 dB(A) @ 1m, Transvac can provide suitable equipment for noise mitigation. The most common approach is acoustic insulation of the Ejector and Inline Silencers.


Further information on noise and vibration mitigation can be found here.

Transvac Silencers