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Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel: Gas for a Zero Carbon World

As well as being experts in the use of unique Ejector technology for the compression of Natural Gas and for Carbon Capture, Transvac also provides Ejector technology for Hydrogen Fuel production, compression and storage, including: Low Carbon H2, High yield Hand waste gas reformation.


Ejectors can be used for;


Hydrogen Production


A feasible approach to produce hydrogen is from natural gas which if often available closer to demand centres, thus removing the requirement for a hydrogen transmission network to be developed. Pyrolysis enables zero carbon hydrogen (and solid carbon) to be produced in areas that cannot easily access the Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) required for Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) production of zero carbon hydrogen, or which are far from renewables production. Consequently, zero carbon hydrogen production is theoretically available to any area with a natural gas transmission connection.


As SMR with CCS is the cheapest technology for producing hydrogen, most hydrogen will be produced from this source in the countries where CCS is available. In most other countries, pyrolysis is the primary source of hydrogen production.

Hydrogen Gas Tanks

New Collaboration Partners


We are seeking partners for collaborative projects, (either as a consortium or a single partnering arrangement) utilizing Transvac Ejector technologies in various industrial applications.


If you are considering developing processes for CO2 capture, compression or transport; H2 compression; energy storage using compressed gas; or heat pump applications, we would like to hear from you.