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Vapour & Vent Gas Recovery

Vent Gas & Vapour Recovery using Ejectors


We have a long history of supplying Ejectors for Vapour Recovery (VRUs) and Vent Gas Recovery. Similar to our Flare Gas Recovery Ejectors, our Vent Gas and Vapour Recovery Ejectors can use Liquid or Gas as the motive stream. These Ejectors typically operate at low / atmospheric suction pressures, but have the ability to discharge the recovered gas to a destination with a far higher pressure if required.


Vent and Vapour Gas can often contain harmful VOC’s, so it is vital that the recovery system is safe and reliable – with no maintenance requirements. With no moving parts, Ejectors are ideally suited to this duty, to eliminate fugitive emissions that can lead to unsafe operating conditions.


Transvac Ejectors are driven by high-pressure motive fluids (usually water or gas), which are used to entrain and compress low-pressure suction vapours to an intermediate discharge pressure.

Ejectors are a reliable choice for Tank Venting duties

Advantages of Ejectors for Vapour and Vent Gas Recovery


Negligible maintenance

Corrosion resistant

Long service life

Low OPEX costs

Fast-track solution

Vapour or Vent Gas: What is it?

Vapour Recovery is used in the oil & gas industry to prevent the release of harmful gases to atmosphere such as BTEX emissions. Vapour Recovery Units are normally found alongside crude oil or condensate storage tanks but can also be used for casing heads, storage tanks holding produced water or Glycol Dehydration Systems. When excess gas pressure builds in these storage applications, a Vapour Recovery Unit removes excess vapour, compressing it for discharge and fluid handling, thereby preventing release to atmosphere.


Ejector based Vapour Recovery Systems offer both economic and environmental benefits. By compressing and re-injecting usable gas into storage or distribution, oil & gas operators can turn otherwise wasted gas into a revenue stream. Recovering vapour also prevents the release of harmful, toxic gases to atmosphere preventing unnecessary damage to local wildlife and human populations and enables operators meet their Net-Zero Carbon commitments.

Tank Vent Gas Recovery using Ejectors
A typical Tank Vent Gas / Vapour Recovery duty using a water-driven Ejector for Oil Storage Tanks.


Our Ejectors can be fitted to any system where an appropriate high-pressure motive flow is available for use. Specific unit applications may include:

Tank Venting & Tank Vapour Recovery

Casing head gas recovery

Crude oil and condensate tank recovery

Produced water tank vapour recovery

BTEX emissions prevention

Why use Ejectors for Vapour Recovery?


For many of the reasons that Ejectors are an ideal solution for Flare Gas Recovery, they are also perfectly suited for use in Vapour Recovery applications. Transvac Ejectors commonly replace existing mechanical compressors as they offer more reliable service. Where mechanical compressors are prone to wear and failure, often leading to unplanned gas emissions, Ejectors do not have any moving parts and therefore do not require any maintenance. Many Transvac units have been in service for decades without any maintenance.


Our Vapour Recovery Units only require energy from a motive liquid or gas flow and in many instances, they can be driven by waste energy. If an existing source of energy is not available a complete skid mounted package can be supplied complete with associated pumps etc. similar to flare gas recovery systems.


The simple construction of Ejectors means they are not prone to gas leakage, unlike compressor seals which experience high levels of wear leading to regular leakage and failure. Transvac Vapour Recovery Ejectors are also highly tolerant to corrosive / sour gases, such as H2S, as they can be made from materials to suit the process requirements.

Transvac Liquid Driven Gas Compression

Client comment:

For us, reliability is everything. We have traditionally used liquid ring compressors for our VRU's, but they are constantly our of action due to breakdowns. They are also prone to tripping out unexpectedly. All of this costs money. The Ejector solution, without any moving parts, gave us the reliability we needed - and at an attractive price point too!