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Ejector Maintenance

Do Ejectors Require Maintenance?

Ejectors have no moving parts in contact with the process fluids and, as such, they are reliable and require no maintenance. However, we do offer ‘best practice’ guidance.



Ejector Maintenance : Best Practice


Ejectors are pipe work / pipeline installed items and in most cases are easy to install and remove. Pipework surrounding an Ejector will usually have a recommended service or inspection schedule. Therefore, for best practice, our advice is to visually inspect the Ejector at the same time as any routine pipework inspection. Of course, we provide project-specific guidance for each respective Ejector project.


Unlike other compressor types, the simple construction allows Ejectors to handle solids, liquid slugs, high temperatures and corrosive fluids, robustly and reliably.


Transvac’s patented Universal Design technology enables Ejector Internals to be replaced if the process conditions change, without affecting the Ejector body or surrounding pipework.

Ekofisk Transvac Ejector Inspection on Ekofisk Platform - no maintenance required

Offshore Gas-Gas Ejector motive nozzle (viewed through the suction port) that was routinely inspected in 2014 after 10 years in operation with no maintenance – it is still operating maintenance free.

Sour service? Not a problem for Ejectors.

We supply many Ejectors into the Oil & Gas sector, where there is often a need to compress ‘sour’ gas. These corrosive and ‘dirty’ gases are often the root-cause for failure of mechanical compressors. Because of this, traditional compressors have high maintenance costs and often require specialist service technicians.


Unexpected compressor failure can also have serious environmental impact. For instance, we often hear from Operators who have suffered with unreliable compressors within their flare gas recovery systems. The unfortunate result of this is unplanned flaring. This causing both damage to the environment and corporate embarrassment.


Ejectors, however, are gas compressors that have no moving parts in contact with the process gas and can be constructed from materials to suit the process fluids. These unique features make Ejector technology very reliable for  sour or contaminated  gas compression.

Flare Gas Recovery Ejector supplied to Saudi Aramco, that has been reliably operating without any maintenance.