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Delivering Quality

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of custom designed, innovative Ejector technology we pride ourselves on the high standards of quality are engrained throughout our Research & Development, Process & Mechanical Design and Manufacturing processes.


All Transvac Ejector technologies have been developed in-house ensuring we have full control over the process design, and we provide a unique one-stop-shop service from project FEED to commissioning, with all key processes controlled in-house at our facility in Derbyshire, UK. This is important because it guarantees we can deliver quality products on-time and to specification.


Transvac has invested heavily in a dedicated, Ejector manufacturing facility and has employed a skilled, specialist and highly trained workforce that understands the high standard of tolerance, surface finish and concentricity that are essential to ensure the efficient Ejector designs we have developed can be manufactured consistently.


We manufacture Ejector solutions and are approved suppliers for a diverse global client base, often for the largest operators in Oil & Gas, Steel, Mining and Water Treatment markets. All of our Ejectors are approved against a series of regulatory and legal compliances, as required by market position and our strong commitment to quality.


Our quality ethos is that of continual improvement and as such, we constantly refine and improve our Ejector products, innovating in our unique, multi-million-pound, dedicated Ejector facilities.

Team Ethos


Quality assurance and control is a collective responsibility at Transvac. Our inclusive approach encourages every single team member to get involved. Communication is a crucial factor and our staff are expected to identify and highlight potential risks or quality issues as and when they arise.


Training and transparency are key to achieving this, we communicate openly, clearly and concisely. We ensure all policies are accurate, compliant and easily understood. Heading up our quality assurance team is our QA Manager, supported by our Welding Engineer and our Works Inspector all of whom help deliver, monitor and refine our processes.



Our Quality Management System is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and we have implemented a full quality process with documentation in-line with this standard, which is annually audited by BSI, one of the UK’s leading UKAS accredited quality auditors. They share our approach to quality culture and work alongside us to encourage continual improvement.  


Transvac is also fully certified against Certificate No. BES/TC0000509112/1 by British Engineering Services to module H of Annexe lll of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED), which is a European Standard.


Transvac is approved by Achilles Certificate of Membership, Supplier No. 44491 and Achilles, Supplier I.D. 25938.


Transvac is certified by TWI to ISO 3834 Part 2 – Doc. IAB 337 by the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting.


Transvac has in-house PCN Level II / ASNT Level II operators.


You can download our Certification documents here.

Client Approvals


Oil & Gas

Transvac is an approved supplier of Ejector technology to: PDO, ExxonMobil, OXY, Shell (NAM), Equinor, Perenco, Petrobras, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, KNPC and many other Operators.



9COM 6000016518     Ejectors, Jet Pumps for Gas Recovery Systems
9COM 6000016780     Ejectors, Process Gas Compression



Product Group Number: 441030 – Eductor
Product Group Number: 144027 – Ejectors – Steam
Manufacture Number: 20012479
Vendor Number: 10007991, Leaders Oilfield Equipment LLC



Water & Utilities

Transvac is an approved supplier of PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon) dosing systems to many of the UK Water Utilities including Severn Trent, Scottish Water, Welsh Water, Southern Water, South Water Water and in Eire to Irish Water.

Transvac Quality Audit Success
Audit Team from PDO, Oman visit Transvac to complete Quality and Manufacturing Inspection.

Product Inspection


We have a rigorous, gated inspection regime throughout our manufacturing process co-ordinated by our dedicated Inspection Department. All component parts are checked and verified prior to being released for assembly. These in-process checks are a vital part of our quality assurance process, helping us guarantee our products conform to the required tolerances, surface finish, concentricity, design code and client specifications.


In addition to dimensional inspections we also have the in-house capability to perform welding inspection including

MPI, DPI, PMI and Hardness Testing, with technicians certified to CSWIP, PCN II and ASNT II.


Our equipment used to ensure compliance is meticulously maintained, catalogued and calibrated to national standards.

Product Reliability and Longevity


Many of the Ejectors manufactured by Transvac have been in operation for many years, uniquely without the need for any maintenance. This is a testament to the high standards and meticulous approach we take in the design and manufacture of our Ejector technology.


Transvac Ejectors are installed in environments where reliability and safety are absolutely critical. For example; Transvac’s maintenance-free, Flare Gas Recovery Ejectors avoid the unplanned flaring issues usually caused by mechanical compressor failures that contribute to global warming.