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We are the Ejector Specialists.

Why choose Transvac Ejectors?

Innovative Ejector Designs

Transvac's innovative world-leading Ejectors offer the latest in cutting-edge, energy efficient design.

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Environmentally Friendly

Ejectors are a truly green technology, with zero emissions, protecting the environment for future generations

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World Class Manufacturing

Ejectors require a specialist approach to manufacturing and integrating into complete packaged solutions.

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Experienced Support

Transvac has a highly experienced Team, ensuring you receive the very best advice and support throughout your projects.

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Online Ejector Screening Tools

See what our Ejectors can do for you! We offer a range of online Ejector sizing and screening tools, for free!

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Discover Ejectors:

Highlights from our Learning Centre

Ejector Performance Testing

Learn how we performance test, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and demonstrate liquid motivated Ejectors for a wide range of applications at our unique Ejector test facility.

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How an Ejector Works

Let’s explore how an Ejector works. Ejectors are also known as Eductors, Surface Jet Pumps or Velocity Spools. The operating principle is common to all, regardless of name.

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Utilising Waste Energy

Transvac has developed a range of Ejectors that use waste (free) energy usefully which help in the urgent drive to reduce energy costs and thereby carbon emissions.

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Latest News

Book a Virtual Meeting

If you would like to learn more about Ejectors, we’re here to help! Through our new Virtual Meeting booking tool, you can arrange a meeting at a time that suits you, with just a few easy clicks.


A quick meeting can often save lots of time going back and forth on email. Our Ejector specialists are here, on hand, to help with everything from a quick question, through to a full presentation with Q&A session for you and your team.


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