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Services to Support your Ejector Project

Transvac offers a range of Services to support your Ejector projects. From initial feasibility and HAZOP studies through to Ejector performance testing; at our world-class Ejector test facility, followed by site commissioning – you are in good hands with Transvac’s team of Ejector experts.


Our bespoke design services open the door to over nearly 50 years of Ejector design and project experience – providing you with the best advice to establish and detail your project. Our services include;

Feasibility & FEED Studies

Transvac offers bespoke design services including process and mechanical disciplines, to get your project off to a good start.

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CFD Studies

CFD modelling is used as a starting point for many of our projects, providing process validation prior to progressing to final manufacture.

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FEA & Stress Analysis

Our experienced Mechanical Design Team can provide full stress analysis and mechanical design support, from single Ejectors through to full skid-packaged systems.

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Ejector Performance Testing

Transvac’s unique test facility provides a safe environment to prove performance of your Ejector before installation at your site.

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Steam Ejector Troubleshooting

Transvac offers a service to investigate operational problems and offer solutions for all types of steam ejector systems, even they may have been supplied by another manufacturer.

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Transvac offers bespoke training to suit the requirements of you and your team, including hands-on experience of Ejector performance testing at our unique test facility.

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Bespoke Design Services (Feasibility, FEED & Detailed Design)

Transvac offers a range of fully customisable design services to support your Ejector project. From simply assessing the feasibility of an idea, through to full detailed design of an Ejector-based, turnkey solution, we can support you.


Each design study can take full advantage of our extensive expertise within our various, specialist departments, including Process Design, Mechanical Design, CFD and Research & Development.


Transvac can work directly with Operators / End-users, or in support of EPC’s or other Design & Engineering Houses. Design services can be offered as either fixed-price contracts or as an hourly-rate against recorded Engineering time.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Transvac Design Study Services