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Ejectors for Mining and Subsea Mining

Transvac Mining Ejectors are an ideal solution for transporting sand, slurries or nodules as part of a mining process. Using pressurised water as the motive fluid, mining Ejectors entrain solids through its suction ports and transports these solids at a high velocity to the point of application, commonly a separator, where the solids are separated from the liquid.


All Transvac Mining Ejectors are custom designed to meet the unique process requirements of each client and their individual application.  With no moving parts and no maintenance, Transvac’s Ejector technology offers unmatched reliability for mining applications when looking to entrain solids into a liquid stream.  To ensure trouble-free operation, all Transvac Ejectors are designed, manufactured and NDT tested in-house. Transvac can also carry out CFD-based FAT testing in-house.

Innovative Mining Ejector Designs

Transvac Mining Ejectors are tailor made for the specific processes of the mining industry – more specifically in the mineral extraction process where the slurry is taken from a large pit and subsequently transported back to the surface.


Where Mining Ejectors are to be integrated into larger processing packages or modules, Transvac can customise the Ejector design as required to ensure space limitations are addressed, without reducing process performance.


Why choose Mining Ejectors?


Rotating mechanical equipment can be troublesome and expensive in subsea or mining production systems. Reciprocating compressors and reciprocating pumps require huge amounts of energy, often megawatts of power. Ejector technology can often operate using existing energy and therefore operating costs can be negligible. Ejector flows can be simply calculated using pressure drop data across the Ejector, thereby negating the need for flow metering instrumentation, which provides further cost savings.

Mining Ejectors
Custom-designed Mining Ejectors

Materials of Construction


Mining applications require special consideration when selecting the appropriate materials. Transvac provide guidance and alternative material options based on our experience of each application.  Many of our mining ejectors are supplied with a special grade ceramic nozzle and diffuser components, to help withstand the abrasive nature of these applications.

Qualified for use Subsea


Transvac have successfully achieved ‘Technology Readiness Level 7’ status for Subsea Ejector technology and have an extensive reference list of proven installations worldwide for various Oil and Gas and Mining applications.

Subsea Mining Ejectors
A Typical Application for Subsea Mining Ejectors

Advantages of Mining Ejectors

No moving parts

Minimal and non-specialist maintenance

Fully-customisable designs, to work with your process

Low noise levels

Compact Design

Manufactured from erosion resistant materials

Long operating life

Reliable operation

Simple to install and operate (like pipework)

Low Cost

Resistant to cavitation

Designs backed-up by CFD