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Process Design
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Process Design

Process Design


Transvac has gained a wealth of operating and manufacturing experience providing custom designed Ejector technology since it was formed in 1973.


Following the establishment of Transvac’s unique Test Facility in 2010, we committed to increasing our fundamental Ejector technology knowledge and intellectual property by introducing dedicated Research and Development programmes. Transvac owns all the IP and Patents generated by these various Product Development programmes.


The development programmes have been particularly focussed on generating efficient, liquid driven Ejector technology for gas compression that can be economically applied to flare gas recovery, CCUS and other applications. We are committed to developing unique Ejector technology that can help towards achieving Net-Zero Carbon, which is one of the biggest global challenges of our time.


Transvac’s proprietary procedures, used in the process design of our Ejector technology, have been validated by operational experience, physical testing and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) studies (delivered by our in-house team of dedicated CFD specialists).


Transvac’s Product development programmes have also reinforced the need to manufacture in a dedicated, specialist Ejector manufacturing facility and the importance of having manufacturing personnel that understand the tolerances, surface finish and concentricity requirements. Without our dedicated Ejector Manufacturing Facility, the technology advances gained by our R&D programme would not possible.

Process Design Support


Transvac has a large number of experienced qualified Chemical and Mechanical Ejector specialists throughout its business that work closely with clients on the use of Ejector technology from the conceptual stage, through to FEED, detailed design, installation and commissioning.


We can supply, or offer design support, for complete skid mounted Ejector packages including associated pipework, valves, instruments and electrical items.


Transvac can support / advise clients on HAZOPs, off-design operation, noise generation, temperatures, handling multiphase streams etc.


Where more detailed assistance is required at an early stage of a project, Transvac can also perform a paid study to assist the client’s engineering team on the application of Ejector technology.

Process Design Software


Transvac has developed its own property software for Internal use and Online Software that clients can use when screening potential Ejector applications.


Proprietary software used by Transvac for the process design and development of Ejector technology include:


  • HYSYS – Chemical Process Simulation
  • Ansys Fluent – CFD
  • Ansys Design Modeller – CFD
  • Ansys Mesher – CFD
  • Solid Edge 2D/3D – component design
  • MS Excel – spreadsheet calculations
  • MS Teams / SharePoint for collaboration
  • Notepad++ – C++ editor
  • Cura v4 – 3D printing software