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Hygienic Process
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Hygienic Process

Hygienic Design Ejectors

Transvac Ejectors can be fully custom designed for hygienic applications, specifically to suit the process requirements. Available as standard in 316L stainless steel with sanitary fittings, all units are designed to meet current hygienic standards, suitable for C.I.P cleaning. Hygienic Ejectors are offered with sanitary tri-clamp fittings instead of bolted flanges and receive a super polished finish to the inside to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Typical Hygienic Ejector designs include Jet Pumps for dosing liquids, Tank Jet Mixers for mixing liquids, Liquid Solids Pumps for dosing solids and a variety of Steam Ejectors such as Instantaneous Jet Heaters and Direct Injection Heaters. Hygienic hopper systems can also be designed and manufactured here at Transvac.


Liquid Jet Solids Pumps

Transvac Liquid Jet Solids Pumps have been successfully used for entraining and wetting many powders for hygienic applications including sugar, milk, salt, citric acid, starches, CMC, Malto-dextrin etc. They can be fed manually from bags or via a screw feeder from a Bulk Bag system or Silo, thereby minimising powder handling. The high shear motive jet ensures complete wetting of the powder before it enters the recirculation tank. A hopper washdown ring can be used to aid powder flow and C.I.P.

Liquid Jet Pumps

Transvac Liquid Jet Pumps can be used for entraining chemicals into hot water for C.I.P cleaning and for inline pumping and mixing of food products.

Tank Jet Mixers

Transvac Tank Jet Mixers can be installed on their own or on the discharge of a Liquid Jet Solids Pump system. They use pump energy to induce mixing and are used for low viscosity liquids such as milk and sugar solutions etc.

Instantaneous Jet Heaters

Transvac Jet Heaters use steam for the silent inline heating of liquids. Most applications involve heating water, but with the advent of hygienic steam, direct heating of food products is becoming more common; including reconstituted milk, saline, starches and C.I.P. liquor.

Tank Heating

Transvac Direct Injection Heaters use steam to heat liquors in tanks. The unit heats without producing the noise and vibration normally experienced when steam is injected using sparge nozzles. Hygienic steam also allows direct heating of food products.