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Sulphur Recovery

Sulphur Pit Ejectors

Transvac Steam Ejectors can be designed specifically for Sulphur (Sulfur) Pit applications where a slight draught is required to remove sulphurous gases from tanks and storage areas.


To prevent sulphurous solids from forming within the Steam Ejector bodies, Transvac offers partial or full steam jackets. A typical sulphur-recovery steam-jacketed Ejector can be seen in the adjacent image.


Various materials of construction are available with exotic materials available to minimise corrosion and improve the lifetime of the Ejector nozzles.

Sulphur Pit Ejector

Advantages of Sulphur Pit Ejectors

Reliable operation

Simple to operate

Easily installed in pipelines

Steam jacketed designs available

Materials of construction to suit process gas

Minimal maintenance

Custom designed to suit process conditions

Easy to retrofit or uprate performance

No ATEX considerations

Steam jacketed designs available