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Centrica Easington Terminal

Fast-Track Gas Ejector Project Overcomes COVID-19 Compressor Challenge for Centrica

11:15 25 November in News

Centrica Storage Ltd approached Transvac early in 2020, during the fast-developing COVID-19 crisis. The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 meant that a proposed project to install a large mechanical gas compressor had been significantly delayed. Centrica turned to Transvac for a fast-track Gas Ejector solution, as an alternative to the ‘traditional’ Gas Compressor.

Ready for the challenge, Transvac designed and manufactured a large Gas Ejector and accompanying Suction and Discharge Silencers.

The Gas Ejector is driven by high-pressure gas from a compressor operating in a ‘recycle-mode’. This opportunity, unique to Ejector Technology, makes use of otherwise-wasted pressure energy across the anti-surge/let-down valve found in the recycle loop of the Compressor. Rather than wasting this pressure energy, the pressure drop is instead carried out across the nozzle of the Ejector. The Ejector is then activated, or ‘motivated’ to perform its duty of suction and compression of a secondary gas inlet stream.

The Ejector is now installed and working as expected at the Easington Gas Terminal, Yorkshire, UK. Gas recovery rates have increased as expected.

Looking forward…

Centrica are now looking to re-optimise the Ejector for a new operating case, making good use of Transvac’s unique Universal Design.This will allow for further additional gas recovery.