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Our Company Capabilities

Transvac has over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Ejector technology. We offer a unique one-stop-shop service, capable of supporting the most challenging of Ejector projects – with all key processes controlled in-house at our facility, in Derbyshire, UK.


This is important because it guarantees we can deliver our projects on-time and, by using a dedicated, specialist Ejector manufacturing facility, that we achieve the high standard of tolerance, surface finish and concentricity needed to ensure efficient Ejector designs operate successfully.


We pride ourselves in fully complying with the specifications of each project, so there are no technical compromises in deploying Transvac’s custom designed Ejector technology.


Transvac in Derby, England is a Centre of Excellence for developing energy efficient Ejector technology across many industries including oil & gas, mining and water. Our unique multi-million-pound R&D / Test facility has been essential in our drive to produce Ejector technology for recovering gas emissions, which is helping our client’s meet their Net-Zero Carbon commitments.

Process Design

An experienced Process Design Team handles complex project challenges to offer complete process guarantee.

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Mechanical Design

Ensuring reliable performance and robust material selection, our Mechanical Design Team has it all in hand.

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Ejectors require a specialist approach to manufacturing, finishing and integrating into complete packages solutions.

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Ejector Testing

Our unique Ejector test facility provides a safe environment for both product development and performance testing.

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Transvac’s capabilities include;

  • Design Studies / FEED stage support including skid package PFDs and P&IDs
  • Special Ejector designs supported by R&D Team & in-house CFD specialists
  • Ejector process design by experience Ejector specialists
  • Ejector mechanical design including associated equipment (Silencers etc.)
  • HAZOP assistance available from Ejector specialists
  • Quality Assurance team experienced with Ejector technology
  • Dedicated, specialist Ejector manufacturing facility
  • Experience working with standard and exotic materials

  • Non-ferrous fabrication area (clean room)
  • Specialist Ejector machinists and welders
  • Full in-house NDT testing (except Radiography / Ultrasonics)
  • In-house MPI/DPI and welding inspection to PCN Level 2
  • NACE Level 2 qualified paint inspection & in-house painting
  • FAT / Performance testing & full performance mapping in our unique test facility
  • Installation and commissioning support (Offshore & Onshore)

Inspection & Audits

In addition to our own internal audit schedule and continual improvement strategies, Transvac is regularly visited by 3rd Party Inspectors and Client Auditors.


Transvac’s welcomes Client visits to our test facility to witness Ejector demonstrations, validation tests and FATs.


Many major Oil & Gas Operators, including Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil, Shell, Equinor, Petrobras, OXY and PDO, have approved Transvac as a Supplier of Ejector technology after visiting to perform formal audits of our design, manufacturing, technology and testing capabilities.


In some cases we are the only approved Ejector supplier and Transvac is proud to have achieved 9COM approval status by Saudi Aramco for flare gas recovery and gas compression Ejector technology.


If you our your team would like to arrange a visit to Transvac, please contact us here.


Further information on our Quality systems can be found here.

Transvac Quality Audit Success
Audit Team from PDO, Oman visit Transvac to complete Quality and Manufacturing Inspection.