Tank Mixing

Transvac Tank Jet Mixers are a mass momentum exchange device which uses the energy of pressurised liquid to entrain, mix and pump a secondary liquid. The principle is used for many process applications including blending, solids suspension, dilution and heat distribution.

In operation, pressurised motive liquid is discharged through the jet nozzle into the suction chamber. The change from pressure energy to kinetic energy (velocity) creates a region of low pressure that entrains liquid from within the process vessel via the open suction ports. The motive and suction liquid streams combine and mix under high shear conditions in the venturi diffuser. The resulting mixture is then discharged into the bulk of the process liquor as a high velocity turbulent jet.

Standard Transvac Tank Jet Mixers entrain 3 parts suction liquid for every 1 part motive liquid with the discharge jet of 4 parts inducing further secondary mixing.

Tank Jet Mixers
  • No moving parts
  • No splashing or aerosol created
  • Operates at variable depths
  • No bridges or bearings used
  • No in-tank maintenance needed
  • Evenly distributes mixing
  • Controllable mixing
  • Simple, reliable and robust

Each Tank Jet Mixer is designed to suit the process mixing requirement and single Mixers or a number of mixers mounted on an intank manifold are available. Transvac can offer the basic mixers or a complete system including pipework, pumps and valves.

Materials of construction are chosen to suit the process conditions, common materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, Polypropylene, PVCu, PTFE, and GRP. Hygienic designs are available for the food / pharmaceutical industry

Typical Applications

General Mixing / Blending

  • Municipal and Industrial Sludges - Digesters mixed to promote ideal process conditions. Pre and post digestion sludge holding tanks mixed to prevent stratification
  • Odour control - Municipal / Industrial sludge balance tanks mixed to prevent anaerobic conditions (optional atmospheric air entrainment to assist process)
  • Radioactive waste mixed on Nuclear Powerstations and waste processing centres (exotic material used)
  • Mix corrosive / hazardouswaste on effluent treatment plants
  • Homogenisation of epoxy liquid in paint production
  • Mixing of food products including wine, soft drinks, sauces etc.
  • Blending of lube oils on petroleum plant
  • Blending effluent contraining Glycol on pharmaceutical process
  • Neutralisation mixing duties using phosphoric, hydrochloric and sulphuric acids on water treatment

Solids Suspension

  • Agitation of resin beads for water treatment
  • Mixing styrene without generating static
Large Tank Jet Mixer

This Ejector for gasoline tank mixing is over 2m long!

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Case Studies

View our case studies for Oil & Gas, Steam, Water Treatment & Pharmaceutical applications

Case studies for Oil & Gas, Steam, Water Treatment & Pharmaceutical applications