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Transvac engineers have designed an online software programme to enable our clients to run preliminary Ejector screening, to make the technology more accessible to Engineers across the oil & gas and process industries.

Programs for gas / gas and liquid / liquid Ejectors are available online - please request a unique login by completeing the form below. Please note that STEAM Ejectors are not covered in the gas software, please contact us for steam sizing.

Our software for liquid / gas Ejectors is under development, including our super-high compression range of Liquid Jet Compressors (LJCs). Please contact us for assistance with these calculations in the mean time.

Transvac Online Ejector Sizing Tools

"It is fascinating to see how our clients are using the online tools", says Peter Ainge, Transvac's Business Development Manager. "We often see clients logging in and playing with process conditions to see how an Ejector will work for them - and it provides instant results, which is what everyone wants. It allows engineers to try out process scenarios without the need to engage our technical sales team until they are ready to do so".

"Our clients are able to access the very latest in Ejector technology at the click of a mouse," adds Gary Short, Design & Innovation Director. "We can move very quickly from concept, through to CFD modelling then on to full scale performance testing on our flow loops. Our new Ejector performance curves can then be incorporated into our online software."

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Case Studies

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Case studies for Oil & Gas, Steam, Water Treatment & Pharmaceutical applications