Vacuum Ejectors - Standard Materials Vacuum Range

Transvac's standard steam Ejector range includes the standard materials for non-corrosive applications.


  • The most reliable of all high vacuum systems
  • Ideal for large loads
  • No moving parts
  • Simplicity
  • Low noise levels
  • Minimal and non-specialist maintenance
  • Custom designed
  • Easy to retrofit or uprate
  • No ATEX considerations

Materials of Construction

Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel are most commonly used.

Size 24 Steam Jet Ejector

Steam Jet Ejector made from Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel - almost 7 meters long!


Direct Contact and Indirect Contact Condensers are available for either barometric or low level operation. Indirect or Surface Contact Condensers (Shell & Tube or Plate type) are used when the Ejector fluid and cooling medium must be kept separate, whereas Direct Contact Condensers (Ring & Disc or Spray type) are used when complete mixing is acceptable.

Steam Jet Ejector for Rapid Evacuation

Steam Jet Ejector for Rapid Evacuation (left) 2 Stage Ejector System with Inter and After Spray Condensers (right)

2 Stage Steam Jet Ejector Systems

2 Stage Steam Jet Ejector System with Plate Heat Exchanger (left) 2 Stage Steam Vacuum package with Shell and Tube After Condenser (right)