TransPAC the carbon dosing solution

TransPAC - The Containerised PAC Dosing Solution

with Ejector Technology

Fast Response

When water standards slip, you need to act fast. The TransPAC carbon dosing solution puts you back in control.
With no need for building or groundworks, TransPAC provides a safe and secure home for your carbon dosing solution. Simply hook it up and away you go. TransPAC provides once-through inline dosing, so there are no batch mixing tanks to contend with and the fully programmable control panel provides accurate and efficient dosing.

TransPAC the carbon dosing solution

Hassle Free

TransPAC has no ‘wet mixing’ moving parts, which provides unrivalled reliability and it’s low maintenance control philosophy even flushes the lines clean on shut-down. So you can be confident of a hassle free start up, when you need it most. Bulk bag and silo feed options are both included as standard, to adjust to your site needs.

Time and time again

TransPAC offers outstanding value as it can be taken from site to site as required which is ideal for treating seasonal issues such as algae bloom, taste & odour or pesticide contamination, including succesful removal of Metaldehyde.

Bulk bag and silo feed

Why choose TransPAC?

  • PAC dose rate to match works flow
  • Accurate dosing, no PAC wastage
  • Clean and reliable operation
  • Once through in-line mixing
  • Dosing lines flushed clean after use
  • No wet mixing moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Flow paced
  • Bulk bag & silo feed option supplied as standard
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Minimal civil works required
  • Hygienic design
  • Manual or fully automatic operation
  • Compatible with site telemetry
  • Containers can be moved from site to site
  • No requirement to involve M&E contractors
Watch 'How to Change a TransPAC Bulk-Bag' (please note this is for systems mid-2017 and earlier)

TransPAC Dosing Solution in operation
TransPAC interior complete with intermediate hopper, 800 litre header tank,
automated control panel and Ejector dosing system

TransPAC Dosing Solution in operation
TransPAC features a simple to operate touchscreen control panel