Evacuation / Hogging / Start-up Ejectors

Transvac Steam Jet Hoggers are designed to evacuate vessels and systems during process start-up to provide a significant reduction in start-up times compared to vacuum systems alone. Our standard materials range is usually suitable for these applications as normally process gases do not contact the Ejector directly.


  • Reliable
  • Simple to operate
  • Minimal and non-specialist maintenance
  • Custom designed
  • Easy to retrofit or uprate
  • No ATEX considerations
Evacuation ejectors with vent silencers pulling vacuum on Separator Vessels/Drums

Evacuation Ejector (top) with vent silencers (bottom) pulling vacuum on separator vessels/drums


We can also offer inline and vent type silencers to prevent noise transferring downstream. These silencers can be offered with a coded shell to ASME B31.3 or ASME VIII Div 1 NCS or with a non-coded version which is open to the atmosphere.

Acoustic insulation can also be included on the Ejector body to reduce noise levels local to the equipment to meet site noise level restrictions.

Ejector complete with acoustic lagging for noise reduction