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Water Treatment
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Water Treatment

Water Treatment Solutions

Ejector applications in clean & waste water applications

Transvac Systems manufacture custom designed Ejector solutions for the process industries. With over 45 years’ experience on the application of Ejectors, backed by a comprehensive list of references, Transvac’s position as world leaders in Ejector technology is firmly established.


Ejectors are ideally suited for a range of applications in the clean water and waste water treatment.


Our product range includes Ejectors for industries including Tank Mixing and Aeration, PAC Dosing, ozone injection, Liquid Dosing, slurry pumping & slurry mixing. For mixing and aeration applications we also perform Computational Fluid Dynamicsstudies.


We offer both manual and automatic dosing solutions and can work within strict hygiene requirements if required. Please use the menu above for more information on our Water Treatment applications using Ejectors.


We also supply the TransPAC, a fully automated, containerised carbon dosing solution. It provides once-through inline dosing to combat against taste & odour, pesticides and other contaminations with minimal need for building or groundworks.