Tank Jet Mixers Case Study

Exotic Tank Jet Mixers

Transvac mixing technology enters the Oil & Gas industry

Transvac have recently supplied a custom mixing system for a major Oil and Gas Operator. Due to extremely stringent process requirements and a very fine margin of error, the system design concept had to be proven prior to manufacture and installation.

The Study:

To prove the design concept, we utilised Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model the system and complete a study to verify the mixing arrangement and proposed flow regime.
Examples of the CFD report

This study proved that the Ejector design could achieve the required mixing in a continuous flow situation, the results of which will go on to determine the control system response times during operation.

Hastelloy Tank Jet Ejectors

The Units:

Due to the corrosive nature of the process fluids, the Transvac Tank Jet Mixers (TJMs) were manufactured out of exotic materials. This ensured a long lifetime for the system with minimal maintenance required. Our extensive experience with exotic materials meant we were able to manufacture these units completely in-house.


As our system has no moving parts and does not require electric mixers on or near the tank, it is ideally suited for ATEX classified areas. The recirculation pump can also be installed in a safe area helping to reduce overall project costs.
Unit construction allows for easy installation on site and allows for removal of the units from the outside eliminating the need for confined space entry.


For more information about our mixing technology and CFD capabilities or to find out how we could help with a specific application please contact our technical sales team on sales@transvac.co.uk. Download Tank Jet Mixer Case Study