Steam Ejector & Vacuum System Trouble Shooting Service

Our Trouble Shooting Service

Due to the significant reduction in the number of Steam Ejector suppliers servicing the UK & Eire process industries in recent years,there are many end users experiencing difficulties in maintaining existing steam jet vacuum systems in operation. Using expertise and experience gained over 40 years as a designer and manufacturer of Steam Ejector systems Transvac is in a unique position to address this problem.

Transvac offers a service to investigate operational problems and offer solutions for all types of steam ejector systems, even they may have been supplied by another manufacturer. This service can also include training for the end users engineering staff and periodic 'health checks' on system performance.

As a designer and manufacturer Transvac can replace individual components or complete systems in standard or corrosion resistant materials. The service covers Steam Ejector vacuum systems, Steam Ejector / Liquid Ring Pump combination vacuum systems, Thermocompressors and Air Ejectors.

Hick Hargreaves maintenance and trouble shooting service


Hick Hargreaves Legacy System Support

Transvac provides a support and maintenance service to legacy Hick Hargreaves Ejectors, vacuum systems and ancillary equipment. For decades these systems were installed to the process industries for a range of vacuum duties. Unfortunately, these sytems are often unsupported and therefore operate inefficiently and outside of their intended design envelope. Transvac's troubleshooting team provides a full system inspection and can offer replacement parts where required. In many cases, significant cost savings can be made as these inefficiencies are resolved.

For further information on our Hick Hargreaves support & maintenance service, please contact us here..

Steam and vacuum maintenance and trouble shooting service