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Ejector Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our Experience

Transvac has over 40 years experience supplying Ejectors (sometimes called Surface Jet Pumps or SJP's) to the Oil & Gas industry for both topside, FPSO and subsea applications. This knowledge and experience is invaluable because it enables Transvac to produce Ejectors using the very latest Ejector design and construction techniques. As a fully integrated modern in-house Ejector manufacturer we maintain full control over the process and mechanical design, supply of raw materials, manufacturing, scheduling and testing. Each Ejector is custom designed specifically to suit a customer's individual process requirements to ensure maximum operating efficiency. Transvac can also undertake a design study to assess the viability of using an Ejector for a specific application.

Ejector during installation offshore


Noise & Vibration Considerations

See Noise & Vibration Considerations

Universal Design

Our Patented 'Universal Design'

Mechanical Design Standards

Standard Transvac Ejectors are designed and manufactured in accordance with recognised national and international design codes such as ASME VIII Div. 1, PD5500, ASME B31.3, Stoomwezen etc. with full non-destructive testing. All Transvac's design and manufacturing processes are quality assured and certified to BS EN 9001. Transvac is also accredited to module H of the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive - EU Standard).

Why use Ejectors? What are the benefits?

It's easy to see why so many Engineers are turning to Transvac's Ejector Technology as a solution to their design challenges:

  • Environmentally friendly - zero emissions
  • No Maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • Proven reliability
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to control
  • Low cost & weight
  • Short pay-back
  • Low noise levels
  • Handles solids, two phase flow and liquid slugs without damage
  • Project cost significantly less than mechanical compressor
  • Performance easily modified to suit depleting Well conditions
  • Top-side or sub-sea installation

How Ejectors work for the Oil & Gas Industry

The simple principle behind Ejector technology (see: How an Ejector Works ) makes it an ideal solution for Oil & Gas applications.

"Ejectors use high pressure (HP) to compress low pressure (LP) to an intermediate pressure".

Transvac Gas Ejector Diagram

Free to operate!

Existing energy sources can be used to 'motivate' Transvac Ejectors. This carries obvious cost benefits, as no 'new energy' is required to run an Ejector. In many cases it eliminates the need for expensive, troublesome, and environmentally damaging mechanical compressors.

In the Oil & Gas Industry typical 'motive' HP Fluids are:

  • HP Wells
  • Gas Compression & Recycle
  • Export Oil or Gas
  • Fuel Gas
  • Injection Water
  • Gas or Liquid from 1st or 2nd stage Separator
  • Injection or Lift Gas

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