Have you considered Ejectors for your solids or powder dosing needs?


In food and pharmaceutical industries, correct and safe handling of powder or solids can be an everyday challenge for handlers. With accurate dosage requirements, potential dust issues, cleanliness and manual handling restrictions to consider, it’s no wonder that operators desire to find the most suitable technology for the job.

Transvac Ejectors can be used to entrain powders and small solids using only high pressure liquid and with no moving parts. The two are thoroughly mixed within the Ejector and then discharged into the outgoing pipework. This versatile method of entraining, mixing and pumping solids using the Venturi principle offers many advantages over other types of high shear mixing equipment on the market. Robust and highly reliable with no moving parts to wear, the units are virtually maintenance free.

Each Ejector is custom designed to suit a client’s dosing requirements. This takes into account the nature of the media to be entrained and the accuracy of the dosing which needs to be achieved to minimise product waste. Transvac can complete trials at their in-house R&D department to test and prove the suitability of the solids for wet mixing, offering the best solution for most powders or solids.

Dosing Hopper Examples

Available in either stationary or mobile models, the custom designed Ejectors can be supplied as individual items or complete skid mounted systems including motive pump, wetting hopper, valves etc. Powder can be loaded manually from bags or automatically using screw feeders from bulk bags or silos, thereby keeping powder handling at a minimum. Batch and continuous operation is possible, and in many cases, fluid energy from existing pumps can be used which eliminates the need for additional power.

For hygienic food and pharmaceutical applications, Transvac Ejectors are available as standard in 316L stainless steel and have a modified design to minimise catch points for product or bacteria build up. They are suitable for C.I.P cleaning systems and can be supplied with sanitary tri-clamp fittings instead of bolted flanges. A range of polished finishes are available, tailored to meet the site specifications. Transvac can work with clients to ensure hoppers and supports also meet surface finish and cleanliness standards.

Example hygienic powder transfer system with pump

Ejectors are simple devices, with no moving parts or electricity needed to run. In essence, an Ejector utilises a high-pressure motive force to entrain a low-pressure media and discharge the mixed flows at an intermediate pressure. Ejector technology could be the simple answer your company requires for solids and powder dosing.
Typical hopper diagram

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