Transvac celebrate significant success in boosting LP gas well production

Production boosting project hailed as 'Great Success' by client

Transvac are celebrating a strategically significant success after replacing a competitor’s Gas Ejector that had mechanically failed in service, on a major Operator’s SNS offshore platform. The Transvac patented, Universal Design Gas Ejector (manufactured in Duplex) was delivered on time, on a fast-track schedule, and within budget.

Despite ‘slugging’ flow conditions, the Ejector has, in the client’s words, been a “huge success” in boosting LP gas well production. This has enabled the platform Operator to meet its gas supply commitments and has restored their faith in Ejector technology. Watch this space for more information!

Transvac Production Boosting Ejector
Transvac Size 16, Universal Design, Production Boosting Ejector

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