PDO on course to eliminating gas flaring, thanks to Transvac Ejectors

Transvac liquid driven Ejectors help PDO reduce flaring

Traditionally, in the Oil & Gas industry, waste and surplus gas has been disposed of by flaring to atmosphere. Today this process is becoming increasingly unacceptable as the industry progresses towards eliminating the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, whilst simultaneously conserving energy.

Oil and Gas giant PDO have released their sustainability report that discusses how the company plans to tackle gas flaring. “PDO has endorsed the World Bank Zero Flaring Initiative, to encourage governments, companies and development organisations to work closely together to end continuous flaring by 2030” said Raoul Restucci, PDO Managing Director, in the report. “As part of this approach, PDO will continue to strive towards implementation of economically viable solutions to eliminate routine flaring as soon as possible and ahead of the World Bank target date.”

Gas flaring, which typically functions as a “safety valve” in oilfield operations, also contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases associated with global warming and climate change. However, if captured and processed, it can serve as a valuable energy resource.

For PDO, flared volumes are expected to further decline once a new key initiative using Flare Gas Recovery Ejectors, is successfully operationalised.

Transvac Ejector at Zauliyah
Transvac Liquid motivated Ejector installed at Zauliyah

In a trial under way at Zauliyah, a field in the south of its concession, an Ejector is being used to recover atmospheric pressure gas typically flared at stations where the volumes are too small for commercial recovery.

Designed and manufactured by Transvac Systems in the UK, the Ejector was commissioned last November. So far, the Ejector project has reduced flaring and has also contributed to the recovery of 18 barrels of oil per day (bpd).

Peter Ainge from Transvac comments, “It’s great to see our clients benefiting from our liquid driven Ejectors, especially for its environmental benefits. The vast improvements in efficiency we have achieved in recent years has allowed this technology to be widely adopted as a viable alternative to traditional rotating compressors, such as liquid ring or screw types, which until now have been the go-to technology for flare gas recovery projects. Operationally, Ejectors win hands-down as they have no moving parts and require no maintenance. For our clients, this is key to keeping costs down at a time when the market demands it.”

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Eliminate flaring with Transvac Ejectors
Eliminate gas flaring with Transvac Ejectors