Transvac co-author SPE Paper with Maersk detailing successful Liquid Jet Compressor Project

SPE Bergen event sees Transvac’s Liquid Jet Compressor take centre-stage

On 5th April, Transvac attended SPE Bergen section’s flagship event to present a co-authored paper entitled "Combining A Liquid Jet Compressor With Nitrogen Lifting Through Coiled Tubing For Logging A Low Pressure Horizontal Well" (SPE 185912). The paper detailed all aspects of the successful Skjold Field project for Maersk which saw Transvac’s Liquid Jet Compressor (LJC) reduce wellhead pressure to enhance well production. The LJC was ‘driven’ by high pressure water supplied from an injection water stream and boosted multi-phase production from 3 to 37 bar(g).

The SPE event focussed on 'The Lifecycle of the Well', and brought together Engineers from all over the world. The Transvac-Maersk joint paper was presented by Well Interventions Engineer, Kevin M John, Maersk, during the 'Well Intervention' session, led by Terje Skeie from Welltec. The session also included presentations from Technip, ZADCO and Hydrawell.

Transvac Liquid Jet Compressor Ejectors
Transvac's LJC Ejector shown during the presentation

Transvac’s Research and Development team have made huge advances in the efficiency and capability of liquid motivated Ejectors. Offering very high compression ratios of up to 150:1, these latest designs open the door to a wealth of new Ejector applications throughout the Upstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Industry.

Typically, injection water or produced water is employed to motivate the Ejector, thus making use of existing facilities and an ideal fit for brownfield developments. LJC Ejectors do not need to be limited to one-per-well configurations. By lowering separator pressure, for example, the technology can be an effective method of increasing recovery rates across a number of upstream assets. The resultant reduction of backpressure on the upstream process delivers a boost to production and promotes steady flow where liquid loading is an issue, particularly in long tiebacks

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Transvac Liquid Jet Comptressor Ejectors
The SPE Well Intervention presentation