FlareJet Gas Recovery System Offers Unrivalled Performance

"As a result of a comprehensive test program in our R&D Facility, we can now offer gas compression up to 150:1”, says Gary Short, R&D Director. “Our new recovery system, ‘FlareJet’, is the result of many years of development and our very latest IP. This has opened up new opportunities for our clients who can now enjoy zero-flare operation at their facilities”.

Gary Short continues, “In many instances injection water can be used to motivate an Ejector instead of high pressure gas. They can achieve very high compressions which allows flare gas, often close to atmospheric pressure, to be compressed up to a pressure, high enough to either re-enter production or be used as a fuel gas elsewhere on the facility. It’s a very effective solution and a great alternative to liquid ring vacuum pumps or mechanical compressors that are often plagued with maintenance issues and high running costs.”

Ejectors have no moving parts are can be constructed from duplex, super duplex or 6MO thus making them an ideal choice for compressing sour flare gas.

In some cases, the FlareJet systems can replace a mechanical compressor completely. This not only saves on the running costs and maintenance, but also eliminates the compressor emissions too. Once installed, Ejectors are also relatively nondescript pipeline items, and as such offer obvious security benefits for un-manned locations vulnerable to vandalism.