TransPAC saves WTW from closure

Transvac have relocated another one of their TransPAC mobile carbon dosing systems for a major Northern water provider. The move has enabled them to respond urgently to an issue at one of their sites, providing a solution without the need for any major building or groundworks.

The system was originally supplied to back up one of their key Water Treatment Works but after contamination issues at another site, which was facing closure due to a spike in pesticide concentrations, it has been relocated and re-commissioned.

The swift installation and commissioning had the plant back up and running in no time, providing clean water for the local area once again. The move has again proven that TransPAC systems really do have the ability to save the water treatment industry much time and money when dealing with water quality concerns.

With a safe and reliable solution to dosing Powder Activated Carbon directly into the water treatment process, the TransPAC systems eliminated the need for unreliable and messy batch dosing systems. With a Transvac ejector at its core and a safe and secure containerised home, no other system can provide as accurate and reliable a dosing solution whilst still being truly mobile. The low maintenance control philosophy means the system washes all dosing lines clean between treatment episodes. Which when combined with no wet-mixing moving parts, means the system is blockage free and ready to go whenever and wherever an issue arises.

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