Transvac opens new Research & Development Facility

Ejector solutions provider, Transvac Systems, officially opened its new R&D facility in April 2010. Partly funded by the award of a significant regional grant, the state-of-the-art test facility will primarily develop new oil & gas Ejector technology for subsea processing, flare gas recovery, slurry pumping and production boosting. Ejector applications for the nuclear, bio-fuel, chemical and wastewater industries will also be developed.

The R&D test facility includes high and low pressure equipment for handling water, oil, gas, multi-phase and slurry. Test programmes will be supported by CFD studies and fundamental University research.

Transvac's Technical Director, Gary Short commented "This is a very important investment which will strengthen Transvac's position as a world leader of custom designed, innovative Ejector based solutions. Interest in joint development work has already been registered by a number of major oil & gas companies, and Transvac's future looks very exciting"