What advantages does the patented Universal Gas Ejector offer?

A Transvac patented 'Universal' Gas Ejector has fully replaceable internal working components which are fitted into a fixed 'pressure retaining shell'. This means the shell can be manufactured whilst the well is still being drilled and manufacture of the internal working components can be delayed until the well conditions are known. The internal components can be made on a fast-track basis (typically 2/3 weeks) thereby minimising, or even eliminating delays between drilling completion and putting the well into service. Because the shell will have been designed several weeks beforehand, the overall dimensions will already have been fixed, thereby allowing the prefabrication of pipe spools etc..

The Transvac 'Universal' Gas Ejector design also has the added benefit that the internals can be changed out at any time in the future to match changing well conditions and thereby maintaining optimum efficiency for as long as possible.