What effect will changing well conditions have on the performance?

The biggest effect on the overall performance is usually associated with falling (HP) motive pressures and flowrates as a well gradually dies.

As the HP well starts to die, the efficiency of the Gas Ejector falls away causing a corresponding fall off in suction flowrate on the suction (LP) side. If left unchecked, the suction flow could eventually diminish to a point where the Gas Ejector is achieving no useful purpose.

To combat this problem, Transvac have developed a patented 'Universal' compressor design which involves a 'pressure retaining shell' into which can be fitted fully replaceable internal components to suit changing well conditions. Thus, as the characteristics of a well (or series of wells) changes over time, the internal components can be replaced to suit a new set of operating requirements thereby maintaining efficiency and maintaining production from the LP wells. Since the 'shell' has fixed dimensions, changing the internal components does not involve any flowline modifications whatsoever.