What is the available turndown of a Gas Ejector?

The turndown of the LP gas (suction gas) is 100% and the Gas Ejector may run with no suction flow at all. Under these conditions it will create a suction pressure which is significantly below its design value. Such a feature can be of use in unloading wells of liquids.

On the HP side, as soon as the pressure and flow are turned down, the Gas Ejector will begin to work less harder. Depending on the installation, this is usually translated into a lower suction flow of suction gas. It continues to work, but it just entrains less gas.

This is the reason why Gas Ejectors are sometimes specified to work at 'safe' motive pressures that either represent a minimum expected value or in the case of the motive gas coming directly from a well, a pressure that will be experienced at some point in the future as the well begins to die.