What equipment is required for my Vacuum application?

Use the table below which details the operating levels for Transvac Vacuum Systems.



Absolute Pressure
mm Hg (Torr)
Equipment Applications
760 Steam/Gas Jet Compressors Steam & Gas Pressure Boosting
Sulphur Pit Ventilation
100 Single Stage SteamEjector
Single Stage Liquid Ring Pump
Liquid Jet Ejector
Vacuum Pans & Evaporators for Foodstuffs.
Vacuum Cleaning, Filtering & Conveyance of Foodstuffs e.g. Milk, Sugar, Salt.
Vacuum Filtration of wet products
Rapid Evacuation of process vessels
Medium range chemical reaction processes
Refrigeration systems
10 Two Stage Steam Ejectors
Two Stage Liquid Ring Pump
Single Stage Steam Ejector/
Liquid Jet Ejector Condenser
Vacuum deaeration of semi-solids e.g. Clay
Vacuum distillation & crystallization
Air removal from process plant such as:
Chemical distillation units,
Steam condensers,
Chemical reaction vessels
2 Three Stage Steam Ejectors
Single Stage Steam Ejectors/
Two Stage Liquid Ring Pump
Two Stage Steam Ejectors/
Liquid Jet Ejector Condenser
Atmospheric Air Jet Ejector/
Two Stage Liquid Ring Pump
Vacuum cooling
Vacuum stripping & deodorizing units for animal and vegetable oils
Vacuum crystallization
Water vapour refrigeration units
0.4 Four Stage Steam Ejectors/
Two Stage Liquid Ring Pump
Vacuum distillation
Freeze drying & dehydration units for sublimation drying of foods, drugs etc.
0.4 Five Stage Steam Ejectors
Three Stage Steam Ejectors/
Two Stage Liquid Ring Pump
As for four-stage systems but at a higher vacuum