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Ejector Only Complete System

High Pressure (HP) Motive Fluid

Data Units
1 HP Fluid Source If Other
2 Pressure
3 Flowrate (if TSL to advise enter *)
4 Molecular Weight or SG
5 Operating Temperature
6 Specific Heat Ratio Cp/Cv (If applicable)
7 Specfic Heat Capacity (If applicable)
8 Density

Low Pressure (LP) Gas

Data Units
1 LP Gas Source If Other
2 Pressure
3 Flowrate (if TSL to advise enter *)
4 Required variation in gas flow
5 Molecular Weight
6 Operating Temperature
7 Specific Heat Ratio Cp/Cv
8 Specfic Heat Capacity
9 Gas Density at standard conditions


Data Units
1 Pressure
2 Flowrate (if TSL to advise enter *)

Mechanical Data

Nominal Bore Schedule/Wall Thickness
Connecting pipeline sizes High Pressure
Low Pressure
Preferred Materials of Construction If Other
Design Code (eg SME VIII div 1)

Mechanical Design Conditions

Design Pressure
Design Temperature
Low Reference Temperature
Corrosion Allowance

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