TransPAC Yorkshire Water Case Study

TransPAC fully containerised PAC Dosing System

Embsay WTW - Yorkshire Water

When a Yorkshire Water WTW site experienced a significant rise in taste and odour complaints, Transvac were able to offer immediate assistance.

Thanks to a stock TransPAC unit, which was ready at Transvac Head Office in Derbyshire, the team were able to test, deliver and commission the complete carbon dosing solution in less than a week!

TransPAC containerised unit

As the TransPAC is fully containerised, the whole unit was lifted via Hiab lorry and driven to the problem site on the same day. Transvac engineers then attended site to install and commission the TransPAC, setting the PAC dosing rates to the exact requirements of the site. With TransPAC, no PAC is wasted and the flow can be adjusted as conditions change.

The TransPAC was supplied with both a bulk bag dosing frame and silo feed chute as standard, allowing individual sites to choose their preferred method of transferring PAC into the hopper, either from bulk bags or a silo.

The client was pleased with the quick turnaround from Transvac - in fact, thanks to the stock unit, the whole timescale from order placement to delivery was just one week.

TransPAC on site at Embsay

Client Yorkshire Water
Application PAC dosing to combat taste & odour issues
Flowrate 3kg/hr – 60kg/hr
Fully containerised TransPAC system
Delivery Date
July 2017
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