Solids Dosing Case Study

Filter Media Conveying System

Escondida Copper Mine - Chile

Transvac provided Doosan Enpure with a mobile dosing system designed to transfer granular anthracite into seawater filtration vessels. The package included a specialist paint finish due to the package’s end destination, a hostile coastal environment in Chile.

The manually operated package included a volumetric screw feeder system with control panel. It was designed to transfer 3m3/h of solids from single use bulk bags to a Transvac wetting hopper.

An additional booster pump skid with control panel and valves etc was included to provide the necessary motive fluid for the system.
Anthracite dosing system using a Transvac liquid jet pump

Contractor Doosan Enpure Ltd
Application Transfer 3m3/h of sand or anthracite in solids,to the point of application in a slurry form
Flowrate 15m3/h seawater and 3m3/h solids
Size 2” Liquid Jet Pump in superduplex with ceramic internals
Delivery Date
November 2015
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