Corrosion Resistant Vacuum Range

Transvac has considerable experience supplying 'corrosion resistant' Vacuum Systems for fine chemical and pharmaceutical applications.


  • Ideal for large loads
  • Reliable operation
  • Handles slugs of liquid/particles without damage
  • No moving parts
  • Low noise levels
  • Less expensive than mechanical pumps
  • No ATEX considerations
  • Simplicity and low maintenance
  • Easy to retrofit or uprate
  • Overheating not a problem
Steam Ejector packages

Two Stage Non-Condensing Ejector Set with Graphite Intercondenser (left) and a Single Stage Vacuum Package with Pre and After Condensers, for a Chlorine Plant (right)

Materials of Construction

Corrosion resistant Steam Ejectors can be constructed from exotic materials including PTFE, PVDF, Hastelloy, Graphite, Monel, etc. Indirect Contact Condensers are usually constructed from Graphite and Direct Contact Condensers from PTFE lined Carbon Steel or PVDF.


Direct Contact and Indirect Contact Condensers are available for either barometric or low level operation. Indirect or Surface Contact Condensers (typically graphite block) are used when the Ejector fluid and cooling medium must be kept separate, where as Direct Contact Condensers (Spray type PTFE lined) are used when complete mixing is acceptable.

Further Info

Case Studies

View our case studies for Oil & Gas, Steam, Water Treatment & Pharmaceutical applications

Case studies for Oil & Gas, Steam, Water Treatment & Pharmaceutical applications