LJC (Liquid Jet Compressor) Production Boosting Case Study

Liquid Driven Ejector Boosts Production

Transvac Universal Design Ejector maintains well production during important upgrades


The client was proposing to do a coil tubing production log of a well that doesn’t flow naturally. The well was normally gas lifted, but due to the configuration of the well they cannot operate the gas lift system with the coil tubing in place.
The requirement was to find a temporary method of maintaining production from the well during the re-work.



A Transvac Ejector motivated by water at 209 barg was proposed to draw down the multi-phase LP Well (oil, water & gas) to between 3 to 5 barg and compress the flow into a separator at 37 barg.
Even though the Ejector would only be used for a few weeks during the re-work, it would ensure that production is maintained.
A Transvac patented Universal Design Ejector, which has fully removable internals, was proposed, which will enable the Ejector to be used in the future with new internals fitted.


Transvac Size 6 Universal Design Gas Ejector in low temperature carbon steel, 6” NB, 1500lb rated.

LJC Ejector


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