Transvac releases Collaborative SJP Handbook - 'Surface Jet Pumps for Enhanced Oil & Gas Production'

Transvac worked in close partnership with Caltec Limited on oil and gas applications using Ejector technology. Each company's wide-ranging strengths are combined to ensure our clients have a world-leading solution for each ejector application, including process design, mechanical design, manufacturing and quality control. In 2011 it was decided to bring together both company's vast experience of Ejector / Surface Jet Pump applications in a concise handbook. Subsequently in 2012 'Surface Jet Pumps for Enhanced Oil & Gas Production' by Najam Beg (Caltec), David Hoon (Transvac) and Sacha Sarshar (Caltec) was released.

About the Authors

The authors each have over 20 years experience in the development and design of SJP's for a wide range of applications. Their work has led to a number of patents being granted for the system, making it a unique solution for a range of Oil & Gas Production scenarios

Dr. Najam Beg

Dr. Najam Beg is the Technology Director and co-founder of Caltec Ltd. He holds a number of patents and years of experience in the fields of SJP technology for pressure/Production boosting in the Oil & Gas fields, inline compact gas/liquid/solid separation technologies and multiphase metering. He has also authored and co-authored several technical papers. Dr. Beg earned his PhD and DIC degrees at Imperial College, London. He completed his MSc from West Virginia University (USA) and BSc with distinction at Engineering University (Pakistan), all in Petroleum Engineering. He has won several awards for innovation from UK and USA, including a prestigious Gold medal from The Royal Society for efficient use of energy using the SJP technology.

David Hoon

David Hoon is the Technical Director of Transvac Systems Ltd. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and Management from Loughborough University and has over 25 years experience in the application of custom designed Ejector technology into the Oil & Gas and other process industries. David has worked in the areas of process & mechanical design, manufacturing, quality assurance, research and development and troubleshooting. He has pioneered the introduction of Ejector technology into the Oil & Gas industry for Transvac; in particular applications for production boosting of Wells and flare gas recovery. In recent years David has been involved with a number of important Oil & Gas performance test programmes with major Operators and was instrumental in setting up Transvac's new Research & Development Facility in the UK. He is co-patentee of the patent covering Universal Design Ejectors.

Sacha Sarshar

Sacha Sarshar is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Caltec Ltd. Sacha has over forty years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. He has an extensive knowledge in the operation of Oil & Gas fields as a Production engineer and as a well performance engineer. He is the patentee and co-patentee of fourteen major patents related to SJP technology and compact separation systems (I-SEP). Sacha has a post-graduate degree in Petroleum Engineering. He is the author and co-author of numerous technical papers on SJP technology and compact separator systems. He has won several awards for innovation including a prestigious Gold medal for innovation from The Royal Society, UK.