Lime Dosing

Transvac has supplied thousands of units to the water treatment industry. Using liquid as the motive force Transvac Jet Pumps can accurately entrain, mix and dilute a secondary liquid, eliminating the need for mechanical dosing pumps and mixers.

Containerised Lime Dosing Systems

Our lime dosing systems offer a reliable and simple method of producing lime slurry on demand at varying powder flows to match the process requirements. Transvac Lime dosing systems are split into two distinct areas:-

  • Dry powder metering
  • Mixing & slurry dosing
Lime dosing control is handled by the dry powder system and the Ejector system is used to mix and deliver the lime slurry to the designated works discharge point.

An Ejector with hopper for dosing Lime

An Ejector with hopper for dosing Lime

  • Accurate dosing, no lime wastage
  • Clean and reliable operation
  • Once through in-line mixing
  • Dosing lines flushed clean after use
  • No wet mixing moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Hygienic design
  • Manual or fully automatic operation
  • Compatible with site telemetry