Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Ejectors offer an attractive solution for enhanced recovery, production boosting, flare gas recovery and produced water treatment. Topside or subsea, newbuild or retrofit, our solutions offer huge benefits with the shortest of pay-back timescales.

Flare Gas Recovery & Zero Flare Solutions

Steam & Vacuum

Our range of steam-driven Ejectors for vacuum process and heating applications offer unrivalled reliability and minimal operating costs. Our 'troubleshooting service' team is on hand to offer support for legacy, inefficient vacuum systems.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Ejectors are ideally suited for a range of applications in the Water and Waste Water treatment industries including tank mixing and aeration, PAC and lime dosing, ozone injection, liquid dosing and slurry pumping & heating.

Research & Development Test Facility

Fluid & Solids Handling

Transvac has supplied thousands of Ejectors using liquid as the motive force to accurately entrain, mix and dilute a secondary solid (powder or granules), liquid or gas, eliminating the need for mechanical dosing pumps and mixers or compressors.

Research & Development Test Facility


Nuclear applications demand the strictest process and quality guarantees. Our Ejectors are an ideal solution for slurry transport, tank mixing and fluid pumping where zero-maintenance is key and first-time startup is essential.

Research & Development Test Facility

Scrubbing & Pollution Control

Transvac are specialist suppliers of custom designed air pollution control and environmental protection systems. Our 'troubleshooting service' team is on hand to offer support for legacy, inefficient scrubbing and pollution control systems.

Research & Development Test Facility

Research & Development

Transvac's R&D Test facility ensures the very latest in innovative Ejector design for your solution. With high and low pressure flow loops, along with multi-phase and sand slurrry capabilities, we can guarantee the performance of your Ejectors

Research & Development Test Facility

Online Ejector Sizing Tools

The very latest Ejector designs are now available at the click of a mouse with our suite of online screening and Ejector sizing tools. It's a great way to see how our Ejectors will perform for your applications, in an instant. What's more, it's free to use!

How an Ejector works

Ejectors use a high pressure to entrain a low pressure and discharge at a medium pressure

Ejectors use a high pressure to entrain a low pressure to discharge at a medium pressure

Case Studies

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